Art Appraisals FAQ

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Is there a charge for an appraisal?
Yes. I'm operating a consultancy and fine art appraisal business, and like any other business, I charge for my services.

I've come across a piece of art and it's not signed, but I think it could be valuable. Can you advise me?
Odds are good that it's an unknown artist who therefore doesn't have a market or market history. The piece of art isn't likely to have enough value to justify the cost of an appraisal.

Can you help us ascertain the authenticity of our artwork?
No, appraisers do not authenticate. Authentications are in the purview of museum professionals.

Do you appraise international art?
No, my specialty is Canadian fine art.

Can you write appraisals from photographs?
Yes, although it is ideal to see the artworks so that they can be examined for condition. If an appraisal is written from a photograh it must contain an extraordinary assumption clause that the artwork actually exists.

Is your fee negotiable?
No, unless it is a large project.

Do you install artwork?
No, we no longer do installations.

Are there fakes on the Canadian market?
Yes, there are fakes on the Canadian market and buyers need to do their due diligence prior to purchasing a work of art, or hire an Art Advisor.